Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haikus for Ouaga taxi drivers

Long line to red light
Let’s just swerve and pass these cars
It’s the safest way

I refuse to pay
Your fee for my skin color
Pick up more people!

Rush hour travel
Feels safer here than on bikes
...I can close my eyes

"Voila ton argent.
Wend na sonsga laafi."
Bam! I speak Mooré!


  1. Proposed (correct) fare
    You and friend laughed in my face
    Why are you a douche?

    You tell me mille franc
    I'll get out and walk away
    I am no one's bitch

    Why's it have to take
    Five minutes of arguing?
    We'd be there by now

    Don't kick that old man
    Out onto the curb -- I won't
    Pay higher than him

    Try to rip me off
    Then ask me to marry you?
    You are quite the catch.

    Squished between tanties
    My legs are falling asleep
    Next time, I'm biking.

  2. Love these! Did you come up with them on the spot or had you already written them while in the BF?? Miss you!

  3. Cab ride forty cents.
    I guess I shouldn't complain
    if the brakes don't work.

    Like a horror tale,
    The hand in the cab beckons
    "There's room for one more."