Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from site!

Just wanted to throw a real quick update at you about where I'll be living over the next few years! I just got back from spending a few days in my village-to-be.

Quick bullet points are always fun; so, here we go.

-Overall sentiment: happy and excited and hopeful

-General region: Centre-Ouest, not too far south of the capital

-Number of awesome PCVs or PCTs who live (or will live) near-by: 5 that I know of

-State of my lodging: pretty sweet.

-Amenities at my house: nice, shady hangar; sizeable courtyard; indoor shower as well as outdoor; outdoor latrine; umm...satellite dish?? in courtyard??; solar panel on roof of house; might be a doorbell; family living right outside my courtyard in the same compound; living room in addition to other rooms

-Resources in my town that are exciting: 47 schools, a regional office on basic education and literacy complete with girls' education specialists, a very nice pre-school, nice health center with surgical unit, shea butter producing association, a VERY beautiful, well-stocked market...and the list goes on...

-General landscape: pretty, green, many trees because its actually illegal to chop any down

-Coolest thing I've heard we have in the village thus far: crocodiles in the dam that are somehow not dangerous??

and, unrelated to my site visit...

-Thing I miss the most about home: ummm...everyone. I see pictures of friends and am sad/jealous that I cant be there and I think about all the family very much.

Dont worry - its not to a point that is worrysome or hindering anything. I just want everyone to know that there is one little person over in Africa that is having many many thoughts of many lovely people she left back in the states.

And seeing where I'm gonna live got me really excited about maybe getting to show some of you around my town once I'm well installed and integrated there...I think you'd all love it as much as I already think I will. AHH! So much love. Lovey love love.

Let me know if you're thinking of me too! You cant know how much it brightens my days.