Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heirloom Seeds and Heritage Turkeys?

Guest post by..............JON RUDNICKI!!!!!!

We're at the Peace Corps Transit House in Ouagadougou, Emily is christmased out right now so i volounteered to write her blog for her. We just came from the country directors house where we had burritos, fruit salad, and gingerbread. holy crap it was really good. The transit house is like little america, complete with refridgerators, stoves, toilets, real beds and fans. holy crap.

after not doing any "real" work, by western standards, for the first 3 months of our jobs, we're easily tired out by actually having to sit in a class most of the day. even though we have long breaks and the classes require us to just sit there and basically just chat about our villages. chatting about villages is tough work. i too, am tired.

That Jon's a funny guy, right? See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A post to make you go: "What the heck?!"

I love bissap. I can't explain to you what it is. Actually, it consists of hibiscus flowers boiled down with a ton of sugar and (hopefully) frozen. But, it's heaven in a flimsy plastic bag. And it comes to my town in frozen form every three days.

Speaking of frozen goodness, let me just mention my good friend FanChoco. One who was deprived of American food could call it something like a Wendy's Frosty packaged in a plastic bag and carted around by a boy on a bike with an insulated cold-box. That, too, comes to my town once every three days (or more often if I'm lucky). FanChocoMan, as I affectionately call him in my head, announces himself with an icecream-truck-like-horn which calls my attention immediately.

Hold on to your butts, I have internet for the next week or so...and may just post a little somethin' somethin' every day...if I can.

Life is good...but I still smell sh**...ALL THE TIME. (Latrine's will do that, ya know?...story to follow)